A Walk in the Field

Right next to our house there is an abandoned golf field. Our two cats love spending time there doing things that cats do; hunting mice and stalking other cats! This evening Lee, Kaka and I went for a little walk. We are truly lucky to live in such a lovely place.

Run, Kaka, run!


Friends forever.

Halt! Who goes there?



  1. by Neil Pritchard on July 10, 2014  22:04

    Hello Heidi and Lee.

    It's a lovely place there and the wilderness for Kaka and Baba is so precious for them.
    Its rare for cats to let human join the experience what they do.
    For them to let you both dearests to join in with them is so precious. Long may it prosper.


  2. by Katrina Sophia on July 11, 2014  16:39

    Amazing photos, loving the first one. It is nice to see a person playing with cats outside because I've never done that with my three cats apart from the garden but I guess it is more difficult for me as London street isn't as optimal as a field you know.

    What camera do you use if you don't mind sharing? I use Nikon D80 and hoping to upgrade with Nikon D700 although very tempted to get Canon 5D Mark II or III instead but I'll see if I finally got to decide!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  3. by Heidi K. Robertson on July 12, 2014  09:00

    Hi Katrina! I'm sure your metropolitan cats are enjoying the city life! There is a downside to having rural cats.. Finding a dead body in the back garden is never a cheerful sight!

    I started DSLR photography with a Canon 600D and only recently purchased the 5D Mark III. It's really nice and there is a definite improvement in picture quality. What excites me most is the depth of field when you shoot wide open. Just gorgeous!

    I still have my trusty 600D as a back up camera. Never going to sell it!

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